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For those arriving from Padua, remember to pay attention to the detour to Venice on the right just before the Dolo exit, in order not to take the loop towards Belluno or Trieste, but continue along the Mestre ring road keeping to the right.

After the toll booth, take the first exit on the right, make the middle of the roundabout taking the ramp uphill (as if you were to return to the elevated ring road that you left after the toll booth).

Once you have ascended to the height of the flyover, always keep to the right: you will descend towards Mestre, along a 4-lane avenue.

At the traffic lights go straight on and always follow the signs for Venice.

You will find yourself passing the Fincantieri and the VEGA Scientific and Technological Park (a large glass building), both on the right, beyond which there is the last roundabout (a long oval) which will lead you to the bridge that crosses the lagoon towards Venice. .

For those arriving from Trieste or Belluno, the same road for both, starting from the airport junction, junction between A27 and A4.

Beware of those arriving from the A4, because even in this case there is the junction for the passerby at Marcon: follow signs for Venice (keeping to the right).

Once on the Mestre ring road, take the first exit after the service area and, at the end of the junction, making 3/4 of the roundabout go left towards Via Martiri della Libertà (4-lane road), which will lead you to the large roundabout. of the San Giuliano Park and from here directly on the Ponte della Libertà, towards Venice.

Before heading towards the Venice car terminal, and then before crossing the bridge across the lagoon, choose carefully where to leave your car, according to the solutions and prices you find below.


The parking possibilities are many, and provide solutions from 5.50 to 30.00 euros / day, depending on the convenience of arrival and the security you want to guarantee to your. vehicle.


Here are the main solutions:

In Mestre, In front of Train Station:

you have to take the train to Venice.

16,00 Euro/day

16,00 Euro/day

In Marghera, before Liberty bridge:

you have to take the Bus to Venice

5,50 Euro/day

At Parco S. Giuliano:

with Bus to Venice

12,00 Euro/day

Tronchetto Island:

directly linked with the city centerl with public boats (Vaporetto)

22,00 Euro/day

In Piazzale Roma:

It's the terminal of Venice to go on the center 

39,00 Euro/day

26,00 - 29,00 Euro/day

Once parked:

if outside Venice, take the bus / train with a ticket (which can also be purchased online) until you reach the Venice Piazzale Roma car terminal.

From there, the same indications as in the previous pages apply, in particular in the section "Instructions from Piazzale Roma to our B&B".



At the exit of the railway station, going down the steps, you will find the Grand Canal in front of you.

The vaporetto stop you will need to use is on the left side after the jetty for lines 4.2, 5.2 or on the right side for line 1 (all necessary to reach the apartments).

In front of you, slightly to the left is the boarding point for Line 2 (only for our B&B).

Follow the instructions in the "Instructions from Piazzale Roma to our B&B" section, on the "How to get there" page.

Arrival late in the evening: there is only one line that stops at all the stops of the Grand Canal: it is Line N.

You can take that, whatever your destination, at our units and B&B.




Once you get off at the terminal and recovered your vehicle. baggage you will have 3 solutions, depending on the comfort and how much you want to spend:

  • Bus - Line 5 or Aerobus (ACTV Company)

  • Alilaguna - Orange Line Vaporetto

  • Water Taxi - private speedboats or transport cooperatives


1. In the first hypothesis you can take the bus that leaves every 20 minutes in front of the airport exits (second sidewalk on the left side). On the sides he wrote Aerobus in large letters (at other times there is also Line 5 which follows the same route) which will take you to Piazzale Roma, the car terminal in Venice.

2. Alilaguna is the company that takes care of the water connections from the airport to the historic center of Venice. The Orange Line will take you to the Grand Canal, giving you the opportunity to get off at the stop closest to your destination.
€ 15.00 is the cost of a single journey, € 25.00 for a round trip.

3. The water taxi will take you to the street number of your destination. The rates are very variable, depending on the company, the time (night or day) or the day (weekdays, weekends or holidays).

The link that we have indicated to you is not the only one available, but it will allow you to obtain an immediate quote, directly online.
For other companies, we advise you to call beforehand and agree on the price (rates from the airport to the historic center, from € 95.00 upwards).